суббота, 22 апреля 2017 г.

Песни к праздникам

Daddy, daddy I love you daddy
This is your special day
Sports on TV
Or just breakfast in bed
Whatever you wish for
I’ll give you instead
Daddy, daddy I love you daddy
No need to work today
There is something important
I think you should know
Daddy I love you so…

I can’t see a rainbow
I can’t hear the bird
I can feel the sun spring is here
I can’t see the butterfly
I can hear the bees
I can feel the wind spring is here.
Goodbye winter hello spring
A new start for everything
Goodbye snow, Hello sun
Let’s go outside and have some fun.

Easter Bunny
Looking kind of funny
With your basket of eggs.
Children singing:
‘What’s the bunny bringing
For me on Easter Day?»
Mom is cooking
While we’re out there looking
For the eggs hidden away.
After church we
Gathered ’round with family
On this Easter Day.